Men Cry…Sometimes

There are some days you’re feeling all alone,
You’re coming home to find that all is gone.
Don’t think; don’t let yourself down,
How, ever, life might go, you’ll find your way…
Sometimes in life it feels like if you’re dead,
Your body’s cold, and you can’t hear your heart.
You wipe the tears, make sure that your cheeks are dry,
How, ever, life might go, your star will shine!
You gave her your heart, wherever she is,
You gave her your heart,
Remember your love could last for a lifetime
You gave her your heart:
You’d be there at once, whenever she’d ask,
You’d give all your life, for just one more smile,
You’ve gotta stay strong,
but let those tears escape from your eyes:
’Cause anyway: men cry… sometimes.
It happened still in times I’ve been a kid
An old man came across near by my street.
‘My boy’ he said, there’s something men should know,
A teardrop tells much more, than a thousand words.

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment