Angel Of My Mind

No one knows if it’s true
That angels come from heaven,
No one knows what do they look like,
No one ever met them.
Maybe she’s just one of them,
Or a dream that I created,
Face that chases me every night
And shadow in the daylight…
Angel of my mind,
I don’t wanna leave without you,
Angel of my mind,
I don’t wanna feel abandoned, baby.
I think about it twice; try to realize
How could you just fool me with your eyes?
I remember our old place
At the lonely seashore,
How I leaned towards your lips
Whispering I love you.
Since that day so many girls
Tried to play my angel,
But there’s only one who’s real;
She woke up my senses…

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment