Stay With Me

Driving in the night through the city lights,
Driving on the edge of time.
Destination Nowhere and I’m way too fast,
Don’t you think it can’t be right?
Every time I’m looking in the mirror
I see my own life behind,
I need my freedom, need to find my way
But most of all I need your love:
Stay with me, hold me
I know you want me,
Stay with me, hold me tonight, yeheah
Stay with me, hold me
I know that you want me baby,
Love, sparkling in your eyes…
There I see her standing in the rain,
waiting for the passing cars,
She sees me stepping out so she starts to run,
leaving me a mile behind.
She holds the shirt I gave her once above her head
and she still avoids my eyes,
I wish I could have eased the pain she has
I wish I would have stayed…

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment