Beggin’ You Please

After all we have been thru tonight,
Standing all alone outside,
Cold October afternoon
Makes me realize that you
Gave me feeling that it’s not enough
To forget the way the things turned out,
Let me know that we are more than friends,
Lost and found in each other’s hands…
Begging you please, ( I’m) down on my knees,
Don’t leave me like that,
Walking away, (There’s) nothing to say,
You’re breaking my heart…
Extinguish the flame, feeling the same, while living apart
Everyone sees - I need my baby back….
Years are gone, we haven’t changed at all,
Same old picture hanging on the wall,
Same old carpet on the floor,
Same old song on the radio.
I still sing, you drive the same old car,
Both go out in the same old bar,
One can see I’m still in love with you,
Do you feel the same way too?..

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment