Just a day’s not long enough; it’s flying in an hour,
There’re still so many things in life I’d like to talk about,
Every day is bringing something that I never had before
But since lately I could hardly see it anymore:
I try to see the world the way I’d like the world to be,
I try to lock myself in dreams instead of breaking free,
I try to leave the past behind; I have no place to go,
Far away from home, faced towards unknown:
Maybe I will find my way, I’ll wait until tomorrow,
There will be another day, with no more wars and sorrow,
Babe, I will find my way, no matter what will follow
I will pray for peace, I’ll hope, I’ll live… and wait until tomorrow.
I will make you happy; I will stay there by your side
I will kiss you tenderly, I’ll make love to you all night
I’ll be dancing crazy like I never did before
I’ll become a man I always wanted to become.

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment