Deborah’s Song

My world since I have met you turns the other way,
My dreams got colored like in a fairy-tale.
The winter snow got covered with flowers,
And rain has turned into sunshine once again…
A week became a day that fled in hours,
And strangers in the street are now my friends.
A smile replaces words in case of failure,
And this all since you walked into my life…
It’s in your name!
Deborah, the melody of spring is somewhere in the air,
The melody of spring is whispering your name,
Deborah, it’s in a summers wind,
Ooh endless sea, ooh deep blue sky
And this all since you opened my eyes……
It’s in your name!
I am suddenly a man I always wished to be,
One look at you can give me wings to fly.
A fantasy has turned into reality,
A night became a lifetime by your side…
Your sparkling eyes are reading all my deepest thoughts,
Your tremblin’ lips so close and yet so far.
Our dance under the moon could last forever
Whenever you might need me – I’ll be there…
It’s in your name!

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment