You’re Still Mine

The only thing I dream of is
To hold you tight again,
How, ever, life might go I know
This love will never end…
To hold you tight, to feel your hand,
While flying to the sky,
You’re far away, I miss your smile:
But something tells me, you’re still mine…
Remember then, you told me that
You’ll always think of me,
You promised me, to be my girl
No matter where we’ll be…
You drew a star upon my bed
And said it’ll bring me luck,
So every night since then it shines
And tells me: Baby, You’re still mine…
It feels like if you’re still with me,
You gave me strength to go,
No matter where, no matter how
For that much I do know…
You’ll always be the one I love,
The one who owns my heart,
So far away, I miss you here
To whisper: You’re still mine…
I hope you’re fine, I hope you’re well,
I hope you’re not alone,
I hope there’s someone next to you,
Who loves you, and who’s home.
Who cares about you, talks to you,
Who gives you all he has,
And if there’s no one doing that:
There’s always me, who does…
Sometimes you think, it’s over,
But you’re still standing strong,
You raise your hands to heaven;
You tell that you’ll go on…

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment