Looking In Your Eyes

I remember you were always smiling
I don’t know why, last day you only cried.
Is there any reason to deny me?
Tell me what I’ve done that could have made you sad.
Did I say the words that would offend you?
Did I do that something that could hurt?
Did I ever kiss someone but you, girl,
You’re that everything I ever had:
Looking in your eyes I feel
The world is turning over,
Looking in your eyes I see
Myself no longer sober,
Looking in your eyes I feel
Love is getting stronger,
Stronger, stronger than it was
(Stronger than before )…
I remember the night you came in gently
You took off your clothes, and turned off the light.
Then I felt your breath, your lips on my skin,
Kissing you all over, I forgot your lies…
Did I ever ask – where have you been, girl?
Did I ever doubt the words you said?
Did I ever touch someone so tender?
If only you know – then please, just tell me why.

Copyrights 2003 Levon Leonard Entertainment